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Weekend Home

Easy accessibility from first home

People invest in a 'second home' or 'weekend home' not only to get away from the 5-day hectic schedule & polluted city-life, but also a nearby destination which acts as a 'quick' getaway.

The second home should be easily accessible from your first home, not only by your own vehicle by road but also by public transport in case of an emergency. It should have an easy connectivity by road so you can drive down yourself or by public transport such as railway, local buses / S.T, 6-seater auto-rickshaws and regular auto-rickshaws. Easy accessibily also ensures more frequent visits.


The weekend home should preferably be amidst nature or surrounded by nature such as lot of trees, flowers or fruits, a safe river flowing year round or other natural elements like mountains, hills, etc. Other elements such as temples and religious locations also add to the peace and positive aura of the surrounding environment.

Living in the hectic & fast-paced city, people primarily look for a weekend home to not only escape from the city-life but also to experience these elements which are otherwise overlooked.

Also importance is to be given to the natural soil on the project itself. The rich natural soil contributes largely towards successful growing of trees and plants. If you buy a plot on a barren piece of land construct a weekend home on the same, you will be left with just a concrete structure as any other and the whole purpose of the purchase is lost.

Nearness to household requirements and other facilities

Though in the above point we focus on the importance of being amidst nature, the location / accessibility of the weekend home from nearby facilities is equally important. The basic requirements and facilities which one needs such as grocery stores & medical stores must be within 2-6 kms radius. Other facilities like local markets, restaurants, hospitals, shopping areas, etc if accessible within 5-10 kms would be an added advantage.

Clear-title documents

Before purchasing any plot whether Farm Plot or N.A. Plot; it is most crucial for you to get all documents checked from a known lawyer or an expert. Ensure that the documents are clear-title and transparent. Without having a thorough check of the papers do not proceed with any payments. This initial exercise will help you ensure peace of mind throughout.

Genuine developments

At the initial development stages of any project, you always benefit by paying a slighty lower cost as compared to when the project is completely ready. However, in such a case care should be taken that the developer is reponsible enough not only to genuinely develop the project as per commitments but also within the reasonable period of time.

Today's weekend home should be tomorrow's retirement home

If the project / weekend home has the characteristics as mentioned in the above points, then it has the qualities of being your retirement home as well. People can enjoy their long cherished hobbies such as gardening, family get-togethers, etc
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