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Welcome to Vishrant Park
The importance of a WEEKEND HOME or a FARMHOUSE in today’s hectic life cannot be overemphasized. The push-shove life of Mumbai coupled with the monotony necessitates the requirement of a house, some what away from city precincts ………… one where Nature hugs you in her embrace ………where the all-round greenery and the fresh air contribute towards the rejuvenation of not only body, but the soul as well.

Having said so, the safety and security aspect, so far as your SECOND HOME is concerned cannot be played down. The safety and security of your property assumes importance, especially in view of the fact that you shall be resident in the city for a larger part of the time. There is, however, no cause for worry on this count if you choose a plot at VISHRANT PARK. This is so, because the developer of the project is permanently resident on the project itself since the past 3 years.

Furthermore, given this fact, one can be rest assured that security and such other important concerns have been suitably addressed. Since there are 18 plots, a sense of bonhomie and camaraderie is expected to prevail among all the residents. The proximity from Mumbai, as also from Badlapur station shall easily enable regular visits, not necessarily on week-ends, as is the case with far-off locales. Location

We are confident that the independent ownership, approved layout, water and electricity connections, internal roads, fenced properties, a small garden and children’s park shall ensure that your decision to purchase a plot at Vishrant Park shall stand you in good stead.
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