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Welcome to Shree Dutt Raj Farms
Weekend home or a plot for a weekend home may be available anywhere, but what about nature?

Such purchases comprise a life-time decision, be it the purchase of a weekend home or that of a plot. Picture this scenario: a short drive to the location with the project executive breathing down your neck feeding you all kind of jargon about free-hold land and what-not….the sun beating down mercilessly upon you…parched throats....a rush-rush decision made on the spot in the sheer desperation of getting back home…such a decision may not stand you in good stead in later years ……

Is a weekend home all about proximity to the city…… about leaving on a Saturday and returning on Sunday ….nothing more?

A true weekend home is about nature in its unbridled bounty….about the trees and the flowers and the fruits and the birds……. about greenery as far as the eye can see…the gush of a river flowing by …a chance to draw inspiration from the sounds of the chirping birds, the all-encompassing silence…such should then be the locale on which you could plan your weekend home………

Should you start off with planting saplings on flat barren land, you shall have to invest 5 to 6 years in the least, to just about start reaping the bounties of Mother Nature and the fruits of your toil. Moreover, this shall come about, provided that your enthusiasm does not wane out in the meantime……provided something more important does not come along by then….

At SHREE DUTT RAJ FARMS, our endeavor has been to save you all these years of toil. Come to a true weekend place…….come to SHREE DUTT RAJ FARMS. Conveniently located at SHAHAPUR, just off the Mumbai-Nasik Highway, accessible from Asangaon station, a short 85 kilometre drive from Mumbai, just 50 kilometres from Thane………

At SHREE DUTT RAJ FARMS, you shall experience nature in all its unadulterated glory ………well - nurtured fruit-bearing trees, serene environs all around, a river gurgling by ….

The project has been so planned as to ensure that each plot gets adequate water supply, electricity, internal access roads … more over, a clear 7/12 extract shall ensure that you get complete peace-of-mind while making your investment decision.

Come, take a look. Once you set your mind on a plot and finalize the selection, you may leave all the rest to us. We assure you that you shall come away completely satisfied.od stead.
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